Excursion Culture & Industry

For student groups traveling to India to get an immersive experience of culture, as well as to study the unique business scenarios and methods of India, we offer comprehensive support in designing itineraries, planning detailed agendas, and delivering experiences. We work with a number of reputed universities (USA, Europe and Australia) to work with the organizers to realize the maximum potential from such excursions.

We plan industry visits for a variety of industries in India including Media, IT, Pharma, Hospitals, Furniture, Movie. Some of these are traditional and typical Indian family run companies, BPO’s. Some are old companies handed down through generations, and some are startups. Some are success stories, and some are stories illustrating struggles and missteps. In all, every visit is carefully planned to ensure it offers deepinsights to the student to enrich their research and maximize gain.

In combination with industry visits, we also facilitate business studies, with unique local business models, like NGO’s working to empower women, or set in slumsor in urban poorer areas like Washerman’s village or Pottery Town, where we study the businesses of Washermen or Potters or Garbage Up-cycling businesses.

A perfect compliment to the above exercises are Culture Infusions which we give through city tours or through workshops (cookouts, Bollywood dance lessons, yoga sessions or dress-up sessions). These are lighter

Our in-house Culture Experts also work in interesting presentations topics to offer insights into undercurrents that influence India’s workings and the way we treat each other: like the Caste System of India, or the Position of Women in Society. These presentations create a good backdrop for observational studies, and answer many questions about the reasons for the way things work in India.

Our Student Excursions may be short or long durational, and are conducted with across various touch points all over India, with a customized program and itinerary.

Foreign Culture Immersion

Students in local schools and universities within whose curriculum might be a study of a certain foreign nation or nationality, benefit greatly from our guest lecture series, which offer insights into the workings of a foreign culture. These sessions are custom tailored based on the subject of interest of the host students, and most importantly are delivered by a person who is a native of the culture being studied. Hence, these workshops are first hand, authentic, and offer proximity. The sessions are interactive and create great impact.

Students of History, Sociology, Business, Travel, Commerce, Psychology and Geography would draw an obvious and direct benefit, whereas students of other subjects too would less directly gain from such sessions. We work with the teachers to ensure the course material is tailored to match the organization’s core values and the academic curriculum.

Social Works & Internships

We help students who are keen to work as interns in the area of Social Work, to gather experience working with NGO’s especially in the area of community empowerment and education. We work with universities and schools, and also with students directly, to advise them and create roles for them based on their leanings and passion, in liaison with powerful organizations that have already created significant impact.

These internships are mutually beneficial, and also help the students create long-term relationships with the organisations that they intern with. Some of the organizations we work with


proVISION ASIA is dedicated to empowering differently-abled abled individuals to independent and fulfilling lives; extending a hand up– not a hand out; inspiring hope by providing an environment that fosters transformation; enabling people affected by disability to experience abundant life– to reach their highest potential.

The organization encourages volunteers who may be experienced or have a background in in the areas of Physiotherapy, Counselling, Leadership / Motivation, Accounting / Finance, Vocational Training, Teaching.


ANU is a project that aims to improve the lifestyle of a group of families in the slums at Janakiram Layout in Bangalore. ANU wants to establish a sustainable and profitable center for and by the women of this area. At ANU the women obtain skills through which they will be able to earn an additional income. They manufacture handmade products out of recycled tetra packs and cement bags. The ANU center also gives these women access to better healthcare, education and financial advice.

The organization encourages volunteers who may be experienced or have a background in the areas of Design, Counselling, Leadership / Motivation, Accounting / Book-keeping / Finance, Vocational Training, Teaching.


Joy@Work is a women’s enterprise in Bangalore that upcycles tetrapaks, scrap fabric, and cement sacks into trendy lifestyle accessories.

The Founder, Devika Krishnan, takes pride in the truly sustainable character of Joy at Work. They deal with only solid waste that fetches very low value in the market. She explains, “Old clothes, fabric scraps, shoes, and packaging material — there’s no value, unlike water bottles and rubber tires, which do fetch a good rate.” While other manufacturers upcycle milk cartons by shredding them, compressing and mixing them with epoxy resin to make roof tiles and furniture, Krishnan points out these end products will not degenerate. “A product is recyclable but only if it is recycled,” she says.

The organization encourages volunteers who may be experienced or have a background in the areas of Design, Book-keeping, Marketing, Social Media, Journalism.