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Gujarat in brief

Culture Rings Gujarat Experiences have been curated by Mamta Devi Raol, who belongs to the Royal Family of the Erstwhile Bhavnagar State of present day Gujarat. In her words:

“Gujarat has been my home since I was born. I saw the formation of the unified Gujarat state in 1960 when I was just a girl, and now I sees the rapid decline in people’s appreciation for history, heritage and culture.

I was brought up to always uphold culture and heritage, both of which are so rich in Gujarat. The Bhavnagar royal family, to which I belong, and also our friends who belong to the neighbouring old kingdoms like Palitana, Wankaner, Utelia, etc. too have been keen to share their heritage and stories.

Curating tours that are anchored in the royal history of India gives me great pleasure. The tours of Gujarat that you see here throw light on how people live, their art and craft, a special focus on food, and very importantly interaction with the royal families who host you, show you around and share their table with you.”

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