This training suite is a customizable workshop program that helps local personnel of companies develop a global mindset. It brings them to an opportunity to widen their horizons and adaptabilities of culturally diverse scenarios at work and beyond. With an emphasis on global etiquette and work culture, but also touching upon important areas of personal globalization like travel, conversations, problem-solving, dining etc.

Cultural Sensation

This uniquely designed training suite addresses the needs of multinational companies that would like to integrate their employees better and create a greater awareness of the native culture of the company. With an interactive approach, our talk-show format has an amazing effect on co-workers, who gain an insight and appreciation into the company’s native culture through conversations with a native of that culture. We cover a variety of topics including history, work culture, day-to-day life, conversations and small talk, dining etiquette, core values, national pride, entertainment, problem solving and essential social skills.

Soft Skills & Grooming

Do your employees' soft skills contribute to the success of your organization? Do they have the common sense, people skills and attitude that positively impacts their interactions with co-workers, partners and clients? Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation conducted studies among Fortune 500 CEOs to learn that 75% of long term job success resulted from soft skills and only 25% from technical skills (Sinha, 2008).

Team Building

We incorporate creativity into our Team Building exercises, giving you a range of choices for your team to indulge in; including art, sculpture, cooking, dancing, and yoga. Along with being refreshingly fun, our team building session helps enhance productivity, focus, and alignment to goals. There is scientific evidence that the right kind of team-building exercises can result in measurably higher effectiveness.

CSR Support

Various international laws and organisations have pushed Corporate Self Regulation (or Corporate Social Responsibility) to go beyond being just initiatives, but to become mandatory schemes.The Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India introduced the Enactment of Companies Act, 2013, one of the world’s largest experiments of imposing the mandatory obligation on Companies to take up CSR work.We help companies identify the right organisations to engage with and also help create plans for the company to create awareness of CSR undertakings among employees, and increase employee engagement and participation.

Business Field Study

We enable your study of the Indian business landscape through our custom, tailored, close up, experiential field excursions. Whether you’re looking at India as the venue for setting up your new business, or a BPO or branch; whether you’re considering India as a market for your product or service, or wanting to explore trends, policies and habits of people. We create programs for you to visit the right environments or facilities, and have conversations with the right people.