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Kochi for First Timers - Tour

Kochi for First Timers

  • 8 Hours
Starting from ₹ 8,000

For those with limited time, or to get that primer experience of Kerala in one day, we recommend a day spent in the quaint area of Fort Kochi, in Ernakulam District. The imagery that is iconic to Kerala: The Chinese Fishing nets, the classic antiques of Kerala, well preserved colonial architecture especially from the Dutch era, but also remnants of Portuguese and British influence, all go to create a fantastic immersion for a visitor. This natural everyday life, coupled with displays of culture in the form of performances in cultural centres (Kathakali dance, Kalaripayattu Martial Arts) take you deep in your understanding and experience, while our guide fills you with stories of the past and present of Kochi. Note: Accompanying officials including bodyguards, are charged the same way as tourists

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