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Bangalore in brief

Bangalore is India’s 6th largest city and has taken on many avatars over the centuries, starting with the town of wild beans (from which the name Bengaluru is derived), to pensioners paradise, to India’s garden city, to the IT Capital that it has boomed into today.

Culture Rings Bangalore Experiences have been curated by Kaveri Sinhji, Founder of Culture Rings, who is a Social Anthropologist and Psychologist, and works with expats to help them live a fuller life in Bangalore. In Kaveri’s words:

“Unlike Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and other historical tourist destinations in India, Bangalore is much harder to explain to the visitor because of its lack of obvious monuments and documentation. My friends often ask me, ‘What could you possibly show in this city?’ And my answer always sounds something like this: ‘We show life. Real life!’ Bangalore is best explained through the people you meet and the lifestyles you witness among them. It is a vast and intricate social tapestry that captures your heart. Of course, we can show you the monuments and popular landmarks, take you to the top ten guide-book recommendations. But Bangalore offers you way more than that.

What makes our experiences unique is how close and how deep they take you to people. You get to dine with people in their homes, you get to take on internships with local people like Dhobis, where you get to be one among them, understand their pains and hardships. You also get to indulge in cookouts with locals, get an exclusive tour with members of the erstwhile royal family of the state, explore the countryside with a historian, or do photo tours with photographers.”

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