The Stuff We Do

Culture Rings began its journey in 2009, with the goal of contributing to the creation of one world by building bridges across cultural divides. 

Today, Culture Rings is widely recognized and respected for its contribution to the cultural integration of people on diplomatic or corporate missions, and people engaged in educational research.

Members of the Culture Rings community impart their views and enable learning through Immersive workshops & Experiences, Seminars, Talks, Discussions, One-on-one Cultural Sensitisationand Coaching.

We work with businesses that have a presence across various countries, or employ people from varied cultural backgrounds, to create better collaboration by building cultural empathy; we enable immersive learning among academics or students who are looking for cultural insights. 

The most beautiful way to learn about a culture is by personally being surrounded by it. We create immersive travel experiences, enabled by local anthropologists, historians, and local experts. Our travelers take home first-hand insights into local ways of working and living.

Video Journeys

Incredible Learning Tool: Immersive Travel & Local Experiences